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Let Me Kill My Mother First (2018)

Short Film

Director: Mei Ann Teo

Runtime: 12:10

Let Me Kill My Mother First (2018) is based on the autobiographical writings of Christine Chia, a Singaporean poet who works in different mediums. Christine survived a traumatic childhood in an abusive family. She credits a love of literature for saving her. In this short, young Ying imagines herself out of her mother’s tyranny in brief fantasy sequences. Ultimately, her tenuous connection with her big brother is the only thing she can hold onto.


As producers of this short, which was selected for the Singapore International Film Festival’s 2019 School Outreach Program, we hope this film can send a signal flare to anyone who needs it.

"For its ambitious and original approach but also for the fun that there is in this film, the jury decided to give a special mention to a film that moves from absurdity to fantastic, that brilliantly draws a portrait of what it is to live under an abusive parent."

–Tim Redford, Shortfilmdepot festival coordination, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival

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